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Whitewater Paddling - Eddy Use & Etiquette

Whitewater Paddling - Eddy Use & Etiquette Eddies are places where paddlers can stop for a while or relax before they start Paddling again. Paddlers can rest, eat, or mingle around with other paddlers in eddies, which generally vary in size. Eddies range from very small ones, which are hardly noticeable to beginners to the very large ones, where a whole group can stop and stay.

Since being in eddies is usually a social experience, it is imperative that paddlers should observe certain protocols. Eddies are used as resting spots, and paddlers look forward for a few minutes of relaxation in between periods of dealing with roaring rapids. Here are some of the guidelines with regards to Eddy Use and Etiquette:

  • The paddler who comes first into an eddy should move away from the eddy line so that the next paddler can enter conveniently at the top. This means that whoever comes first has to be the last one who leaves the eddy.

  • If paddlers are lining up on top of the eddy, all wanting to leave the eddy first, one should join the queue like everyone else. If you really want to be at the top of the eddy, wait for the more experienced paddlers to allow you.

  • Ensure that no one’s paddling downstream, who will move closer to you, whenever you are going to leave an eddy.

  • When paddling in a group, every one should know that he or she can catch one another whenever the group goes eddy-hopping or when going from one eddy to the next.

  • Before leaving, paddlers should have already considered their next stop. Every paddler, therefore, should know where to eddy out next.

When using eddies, paddlers should be, first and foremost, considerate with other paddlers. Eddies are good places for resting and for parking. Spare everyone from experiencing inconveniences by simply observing Eddy Etiquette.

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